Challenges application

React.js, AWS- Amplify, AppSync, Cognito User Pool


Olli Korhonen



"Challenges" application had been created to count how many days users have been successful with the challenge. The application required the user to sign in to the application.


There was a "Challenges" page where were listed all the challenges. On a "challenges" page was possible to make a new challenge. Each of the challenges was on the page as a card. A Card included a started day, how many days had passed, and crowns, to tell what level had reached. There were four levels, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond, and also three levels in each of these, but on the diamond was just one. One bronze crown was after one month, and one diamond was after one year. It was possible to sign-in on the home page. On the "Forgot password" page was possible to change the password.

changepwd challenges menu sign Challenges application on Github

What I have learned?

During this project, I learned how to build a Progressive Web Application with AWS. Application is a PWA application created with React. An application was hosted using AWS-Amplify, and Cognito user pool has been used for the authentication. All data were saved to DynamoDB via AWS-AppSync GraphQL API.